About Us

WHo we are

CLASS -Space-Shape-Shade, a Architectural Boutique and Interior Design studio @ territorial limits of mysuru & operating from ideal vicinity of Kothwal Ramaiah Street, Shivarampet, Mysuru Karnataka.

We enjoy creating signature lifestyle spaces that are unique, exquisite and reflect our obsession for perfection.

We are an enthusiastic team of creative, intelligent, well qualified and inspired professionals, who believe in designing, well balanced utilitarian spaces, artfully conceptualized to create both a sense of usability and appreciation of space for the user.

We are inspired by great design, we are moved by great design, we enjoy great design and we simply love to let our love for design is reflected in our recent projects.

The Team

architects, interior designer, project managers, qualified draftsmen, engineers, 3d visualize, skilled workmen and other support staff..